Romeo Menti stadium – Vicenza

Adjustment of the lighting system of the playing field of the "R. Menti" Municipal Stadium

The Romeo Menti Municipal Stadium is a football field located in the center of Vicenza that hosts the professional football team of the L.R. Vicenza.
The stadium was inaugurated for the first time in 1935, but suffered serius damage and was rendered impracticable by the bombings of the Second World War; it then returned practicable in 1945 thanks to the work of the Municipality of Vicenza and many volunteers.

In 2020 the Municipality of Vicenza publishes the call for tenders for the arrangement and adaptation of the lighting system of the playing field, decreeing MA Impianti as the winning company.

The request provides for the replacement of all existing headlights, with the aim of increasing performance, thus complying with the technical regulations required by Lega Calcio for Serie B.




Lighting towers


Month for interventions


Intervention cost

The necessary interventions were numerous and carefully designed to create an efficient, high-performance and long-lasting system.
For each of the 4 lighting towers it was necessary to upgrade the electrical power panels, going to:

  • coordinate the selectivity of the circuit-breakers;
  • check the thermal dissipation;
  • rebalance the phases in order to avoid distorting optical phenomena (flickering);
  • aim the headlamps looking for the maximum homogeneity of illumination of the playing field surface.

The lux required for the achievement of the National License for the 2020-2021 sports season were thus obtained, which is fundamental in anticipation of the start of the 2020-21 sports season with the L.R. Vicenza promoted to Serie B.

"The timetable has been perfectly adhered to, everything is proceeding with extreme speed, and for this I would like to commend the municipality and the company MA Impianti."

Paolo Bedin - Direttore Generale L.R. Vicenza