MA Impianti exclusively involves high-profile skills, dedicating for each project a single point of contact able to guarantee the highest level of control, organization and support to the client company. We then operate as a General Contractor, managing the entire project and thus lightening the management costs and the time taken by the customer to follow the progress of the work. Each site employs internal staff, or trustworthy partner companies, verified over years of collaboration, to ensure the highest level of reliability.

Video surveillance and security systems

MA Impianti offers security and video surveillance systems aimed at preserving the safety of assets, people, property and information.

Intrusion detection systems

They are used to promptly detect any unwanted intrusion attempt and to promptly activate the alarm to ensure the intervention by professional staff and / or law enforcement agencies. The design of an intrusion alarm system involves risk analysis, the identification of solutions to direct resources to the most vulnerable areas and the choice of countermeasures to battle against threats.

Access control systems

The access control system is a tool that allows you to always have the flow of people entering the areas under control or to detect the presence of your employees.

Video surveillance systems - video control and video analysis

The video surveillance system connected to a special video recording system allows you to document the succession of events and thus provide irrefutable evidence in the event of theft or acts of vandalism. It is also possible to check the situation remotely, in real time, via smartphone, pc or tablet.

With the most modern video analysis systems it is possible to perform:
  • Face recognition with association of the names registered on the database;
  • Readings of vehicle license plates;
  • Interfacing of the access control system and / or opening of access gates;
  • Interfacing with fire detection systems thanks to devices for visual and thermal detection of the dimensions and volumes of flames and smoke.

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