MA Impianti exclusively involves high-profile skills, dedicating for each project a single point of contact able to guarantee the highest level of control, organization and support to the client company. We then operate as a General Contractor, managing the entire project and thus lightening the management costs and the time taken by the customer to follow the progress of the work. Each site employs internal staff, or trustworthy partner companies, verified over years of collaboration, to ensure the highest level of reliability.

Facility Management

Facility Management, i.e. the scheduled preventive maintenance of structures and systems, represents a fundamental and essential element for guaranteeing the safety of the people who work there. These interventions limit wear, considerably increase reliability and reduce management costs.

The assignment of the periodic inspection of the systems to the General Contractor guarantees a reduction in energy consumption, breakdowns and increases production quality.
MA Impianti directly manages Facility Management operations with its own staff, without subcontracting the interventions, thus establishing direct and long-lasting relationships with client companies.

In case of unforeseen events MA Impianti is always ready to respond quickly thanks to the on-call maintenance service, where a team of dedicated specialists can intervene, even outside standard working hours, regardless of the scheduled and agreed maintenance plan.

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