MA Impianti exclusively involves high-profile skills, dedicating for each project a single point of contact able to guarantee the highest level of control, organization and support to the client company. We then operate as a General Contractor, managing the entire project and thus lightening the management costs and the time taken by the customer to follow the progress of the work. Each site employs internal staff, or trustworthy partner companies, verified over years of collaboration, to ensure the highest level of reliability.

Design, technical consulting service and construction supervision

The analysis of the specific needs of the customer and the technical consulting service on the choice of materials and the building management system solutions (interface systems available for the management of the installations and their interactions), have always been a priority aspect and an added value in the MA Impianti offer.
Moreover, consulting service on the relationship with institutions for obtaining certifications of compliance with current rules and regulations is invaluable, as well as the choice of utility providers (service providers such as electricity, water, etc.).
After the definition of the best operational strategy in setting up the construction site, MA Impianti can take on the role of unique interlocutor, thus accompanying the customer in every phase of the project.

The design and construction management includes, in addition to the detailed analysis of all costs and requirements to be met, the evaluation of various aspects such as:
  • The levels of quality and economy
  • The estimated and potential spending budgets
  • Risks and timing
  • Any variations of the project
  • The balance between quality, costs, times, risks and events

Engineering design

In addition to the detailed analysis of all costs and requirements to be met, the design and construction management includes the evaluation of various aspects such as:
  • Water-sanitary systems
  • Mechanical systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Data and voice transmission infrastructures
  • Special active and passive security systems
  • Audio, video and videoconferencing systems

Design development

That is the most technically defined phase of the entire design. The executive project includes:
  • Tecnical reports
  • Specialistic reports
  • Technical drawings, including those relating to structures, to installations and to environmental remediation works
  • Calculations of the structures and systems
  • Maintenance plans of all the work and of all the parts of which it is composed

Planning of the executive phases

  • Timetable of the works
  • List of unit prices and a possible analysis

Economical quotes

  • Final metric calculation and the economic reports
  • Picture of the incidence of labor for the different categories of which the work is made up

Methodological definition of work

  • Safety and coordination plans
  • Contract schema and a special tender documents

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