MA Impianti exclusively involves high-profile skills, dedicating for each project a single point of contact able to guarantee the highest level of control, organization and support to the client company. We then operate as a General Contractor, managing the entire project and thus lightening the management costs and the time taken by the customer to follow the progress of the work. Each site employs internal staff, or trustworthy partner companies, verified over years of collaboration, to ensure the highest level of reliability.

Fire prevention and protection systems

MA Impianti has many years of experience in the design and installation of fire detection and extinguishing systems, in compliance with the UNI EN and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) regulations in US government environments based in Italy.

Fields of application:
  • Wet, dry, preaction sprinkler
  • Extinguishing with low, medium and high expansion foam
  • Hydrant grids, water or foam tipe
  • Extinguishing with inert or chemical extinguishing gases
  • High or low pressure water mist shutdown
  • Shutdown on industrial kitchens
  • Powder extinguishing
  • Pressurization groups and water tanks
  • Smoke and gas detection
  • Warning systems - local evacuation
  • Evacuation sound diffusion systems - EVAC
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • Smoke-heat evacuators
  • Overpressure systems for filter rooms
  • Walls / shafts / crossings compartments of combustible and non-combustible pipes / floors
  • Doors, gates, windows and fire curtains

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