Amazon FC02 - Colleferro (Roma)

Installation of new automatic gates with quick opening and closing Inc., a US company specializing in electronic commerce, is the largest Internet company in the world.

The exponential growth of Amazon’s turnover in recent years has led to the need to implement, among other things, logistics warehouses in Europe.

In 2020, 10 years after Amazon’s arrival in Italy, the new FC02 Amazon Logistics Warehouse in Colleferro (Rome) was inaugurated. It intended to store large products and to work in synergy with the distribution center inaugurated in Vercelli in 2017.

We have removed all obstacles to Amazon's speed


Quick folding gates


Primary entrance gates


Secondary entrance gates


Week for installation

150.000 / 100.000

Work amount range

With the aim of speeding up entry and exit operations as much as possible and increasing the security level of the structure, the warehouse entrances were equipped with new fast gates with packet opening with a maximum speed of 1.0 meters per second.

This solution is often used in Nordic countries because, not having a rack fixed to the ground (the lower part of the door is placed at 20cm from the ground), it allows the door to open and close even in ice and snow conditions and / or massive presence of debris.

A further solution in favor of safety was to interface each single gate for automatic opening in the event of a fire.