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Security Systems

MA IMPIANTI offers a wide range of security systems to protect your private and industrial properties, preserve the safety of the inhabitants or employees and keep private information safe.

  • Intrusion detection system

    They detect any attempt of intrusion by making use of a sounding alarm that will guarantee a rapid intervention of the police. When designing an alarm system, it is crucial that any potential risk is calculated in order to choose the best options for the security of vulnerable areas and the best ways to defend a property and its inhabitants with every resource at disposal.


  • Video-surveillance, video control and video-analysis system

    our video-surveillance systems are connected to a videotape recorder in order to collect evidences in case of burglary or acts of vandalism. Through the downloading of an app on a smartphone, tablet or computer we offer a security remote system that provide real-time full protection. Modern video analysis systems feature:

    • facial recognition associated to a list of names registered on a database;
    • number plate recognition during opening or closing of access/entry gates;
    • direct interfacing with fire-fighting security systems able to detect any presence of smoke and fire thanks to advanced devices.


  • Access control systems
    Access control systems track the flow of people entering in specific areas. It can also be used to monitor the employees’ attendance.