MA IMPIANTI is always ready to satisfy any of your requests thanks to the  long-term experience of our employees and the cooperation with great professionals in the field of fire alarm & fire suppression systems.

MA IMPIANTI is a company made up of experts in the design and installation of fire detection and fire-fighting systems following UNI, EN and NFPA standards. The NFPA codes have been implemented especially in US Government circles based in Italy.

Fields of application:

  • wet/dry/pre-action fire sprinkler systems
  • low/medium/high expansion foam sprinkler systems
  • water or foam-based hydrants
  • fire suppression systems with inert or chemical gases
  • low/high-pressure water mist systems
  • fire-estinguishing systems for professional kitchens
  • fire-estinguishing powder
  • pressurization groups and water supply
  • fire and gas-detection systems
  • early warning systems for a quick evacuation
  • PA system for a quick evacuation
  • emergency lighting
  • smoke and heat evacuation systems
  • overpressure protection systems
  • walls/shafts/combustible and non-combustible pipes/attics subdivisions
  • fireproof safety doors, gates, windows and curtains